Win Big!

All of the beautiful trees that you view at the Festival can be won by you! Here’s how it works:

Purchase a set of green raffle tickets for any of the trees. They cost only $5.00 for a set of 26 tickets! Put the tickets into the tubes in front of your favorite trees, or use them all for one tree that you really like. Buy several sets of raffle tickets to increase your chances of winning a beautiful creation! On the last day of the Festival each of these wonderful trees is raffled and the lucky winners will be called to pick up their prize the next day!

Win Small!

Not enough room for a larger tree in your home? Visit our new and expanded Mini-Tree and Wreath Gallery off of the main Atrium floor to take chances on our mini-trees and wreaths! These exquisite creations will add festive flair to almost any room in your home, and again, they can be won by you! The mini-tree and wreath raffle is separate and a bargain in itself! For only $1.00 you get 6 chances to win one of these creations. These smaller displays will also be raffled on the last day of the Festival.


Once again this year, the Festival of Trees – in conjunction with our friend Charles of Charles Beauty Wellness in Methuen – will be raffling a cash prize of $5,000.  In addition, the raffle includes Charles’ magnificent and always creative tree featured in the Festival’s ‘Center Court.’  This prize will make any lucky guest’s Christmas and their whole year – the most memorable ever!

This is a separate raffle and the pricing for these tickets is: 1 for $5.00, 6 for $10.00, and 26 for $20.00.