Volunteer Task Descriptions

Tasks identified with an (*) don’t involve using an iPad.

iPad User – All admission and raffle ticket sales are processed via an iPad-based automated system that records contact information for every Festival Guest. The system assigns and records all purchased raffle ticket. This task requires a familiarity with an Apple iPad and fairly good data entry skills. The iPad User is also responsible for processing all credit card payments via the iPad.

*Cashier – Each point of sale requires someone to receive cash payments and make change. Our cashiers – who must be at least 18 years of age – need to be comfortable handling cash.

Cafe and Gift Shop Cashier – All Café and Gift Shop sales will be processed via an iPad-based system in 2016. These cashiers – who must be at least 18 years of age – should be comfortable using an Apple iPad and handling cash. The cashier is also responsible for processing credit card payments via the iPad.

*Gift Shop Sales Assistant – At least one volunteer is assigned to assist the cashier with sales in the Gift Shop.

Will Call Desk – Online orders are processed in the Festival office and are available at a special “Will Call” desk at Entrance A (the main entrance) of the Festival. Will Call volunteers assist with the distribution of pre-purchased tickets. This year, the Will Call Desk will involve limited use of an iPad.

*Admissions Ticket-Taker – A volunteer is assigned to collect admission tickets and to distribute Program Books and Scavenger Hunt sheets at the main entrance.

*Scavenger Hunt – A volunteer is assigned to distribute Scavenger Hunt prizes.

*Cafe Assistant – Throughout the Festival, volunteers are needed to insure the Cafe remains clean and inviting for our guests. One volunteer per shift will be assigned to work with our food vendor to clean tables, replenish condiments, assist with trash and generally support the smooth operation of the Cafe.

*Volunteer Support – Volunteers are discouraged from leaving their assigned post during their shifts. As a result, one volunteer will be assigned during each shift to distribute cold water and replenish supplies at each station as necessary.

*Tree Watch – Since the offices at 13 Branch Street are open during hours the Festival is closed, we assign up to four volunteers per shift to monitor activity in and around the trees. [Each Tree Watch shift will include four slots.]

Special note for children and high school students… The Festival of Trees offers an annual scholarship designed to assist young people who have volunteered at the Festival as high school students. Learn more about the Festival of Trees Scholarship Program on the http://methuenfestivaloftrees.com/festival-news/scholarships/.

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