North Andover Library Benefits from Major Spring Cleaning

The library is receiving a makeover this month with new windows, a repaired roof and a restored entryway. Director Mary Rose Quinn said the library won’t close, but people will need to use the entrance by the children’s room on Davis Street until the front is finished. “It will be a little noisy and a little dusty, but we will be open throughout the entire project,” she said.

The windows and roof will be paid for with $95,000 of Community Preservation money, which comes from a 3 percent surcharge added to property tax bills. Quinn said the 17 window replacements, a third of which are original to the 1907 building and the addition from the 1960s, will be a noticeable change. “If you have looked at the windows recently, they are beginning to look sad and the paint is peeling. The brickwork around them is starting to crumble,” she said. The brick around the windows will be redone and the paint will be freshened up.

Quinn said the roof repair will mean the staff can stop putting out buckets to catch drips when it rains. She said once the roof is fixed, she can plan to redo walls and ceilings that were damaged by the leaks.The money for the entrance restoration comes from a $10,000 grant from the Methuen Festival of Trees, which will be matched by the library trustees. The heavy oak doors and their frames are original to the building. They will be repaired and resealed. The limestone around the doors, which includes a relief of cherubs with an open book, will be cleaned. Quinn said all of the projects should be finished by the end of the month.